When parents are unable to reach an agreement regarding parenting time and/or custody disputes, a Custody/Parenting Time Evaluation may be court ordered to provide recommendations that could assist the parties, attorneys and the court in resolving the matter.

The Custody/Parenting Time Evaluator gathers data, including observing you and your family in order to determine the best interest of your child. In order for the professional to make this determination they will typically use the following guidelines or something similar:

  • They will conduct multiple interviews with each co-parent separately
  • They will conduct multiple interviews with the child involved in the case
  • They will observe each co-parent as they interact with the child either at the office or in the home setting
  • They may conduct interviews with others involved with the family such as teachers, health care providers, and so on
  • They may choose to undergo psychological testing on anyone in the family
  • They will also review previous court and legal activity regarding the divorce and custody case

Based on the information that is gathered from these observations the evaluator will generate a report with recommendations regarding custody/parenting time matters. This report will include all of their findings and recommendations regarding how custody should be awarded.

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